the real mom kit

Founded by Alysia Gilliam, The Real Mom KIT is a hip online destination and community for real moms, featuring parenting resources and trainings, tips and hacks that make mom life easier, and things that motivate and inspire.

Partnered in purpose

Founded by Alysia & Ryan Gilliam, Partnered in Purpose provides coaching and training services to couples who are in business together. We utilize proven techniques and strategies to help couples thrive in business and marriage.

Pediatric Behavioral Services

Established in 2010, Pediatric Behavioral Services (PBS) is a therapy clinic founded by owners Alysia and Ryan Gilliam.  PBS provided center and home-based behavior analytic services to children with autism and other developmental disabilities along with consulting and training services to families, schools, and groups in the community. Alysia Gilliam, BCBA created a state of the art training program that allowed PBS to grow to 2 clinics and close to 50 employees at one point. This provided the opportunity for young practitioners to grow into excellent behavior analysts with the quality training and supervision delivered under Alysia’s mentorship.  Alysia and Ryan never wanted finances to be a barrier for treatment for anyone. As a result, PBS was one of the first ABA companies in the area to accept the state Medicaid plan and one of the only companies to provide discounted services and ABA scholarships to families in need. With a family-first philosophy, the staff members of PBS worked diligently to bring caring and quality ABA services to the Jacksonville and Orange Park communities for 8 years. In February 2018, PBS partnered with Great Strides Rehabilitation to continue the legacy and fine traditions of Pediatric Behavioral Services.