Looking for quality BCBA or BCaBA supervision?*

I provide quality and affordable supervision services to BCBA and BCaBA candidates.  While my supervision program is intense and will require a lot of work, I have been told by almost all of my supervisees (now BCBAs and BCaBAs) that it was the essential piece that prepared them for the certification exam and most importantly to work in the field as a behavior analyst.

I have the upmost respect for the field of ABA and do not take my responsibility as a supervisor lightly. Therefore, I work diligently to ensure that I provide quality supervision and training that will aide my supervisees to become effective practitioners.

So are you ready to learn and grow professionally while getting the necessary training, support, and encouragement?


Who is this for?

BCBA or BCaBA candidates who are committed to their professional development and meet the following requirements:

  • Eligible for supervision per BACB Experience Standards (including enrollment in an approved ABA Masters or certification program)

  • Employment or placement in an ABA setting or access to a client that could benefit from ABA services with necessary consents:

    • Consent from employer or on-site supervisor

    • Consent from client to be recorded and observed remotely by me

  • Complete 20-130 experience hours per month
  • Access to a computer with internet access, webcam, microphone, and video recording device

How does it work?

enrollment & pre-work

We will meet to discuss the overview of the supervision program, curriculum, requirements and customize your individual experience. Review and sign the required supervision contract and schedule your first set of supervision meetings.

weekly supervision meetings

We will meet online weekly at a designated time. Meetings will consist of terminology review, ABA history, and concepts according to the BACB Task List. Discussion & review of research articles. Discussion, review, and feedback of assignments and videotaped sessions.

video reviews

Candidate will provide video samples of work implementation. These videos will be reviewed at least 2 times per month (in order to meet BACB requirements of 2 supervisor observations per month).

What does it cost?

The pricing structure is simple. My hourly rate for supervision is $80 per hour. For example, if you have 20 hours per week of fieldwork, you will be required to have 1 hour of supervision per week*. So the cost would be $80 per week.

*BACB requires supervision equal at least 5% of your fieldwork each month

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