I’m Alysia Gilliam – Board certified behavior analyst, mom empowerment coach & joy strategist!

With more than a decade of experience, I help individuals improve behaviors that make the most impact on their lives. 

For nearly 8 years, I owned a pediatric behavioral therapy clinic serving hundreds of children and families. It was such a great privilege to work with so many beautiful families and to have the opportunity to teach children the behaviors and skills we often take for granted.

However,  when I became a mom of 2 (on top of being a business owner, a wife, and all my other various roles) my focus shifted and helping moms turned into my passion.


Because as a behavior analyst, on a daily basis I would encounter beautiful moms that were trying their best to “do all things” but kept falling short, which left them feeling exhausted and defeated.

And they were not alone, I too knew how difficult it was to try to keep it all together (without falling apart in the process). So I knew I had to do something to help real moms like me and with my experience as a mom and Board Certified Behavior Analyst I was equipped to do just that. 

This passion and desire to help became the catalyst that drove me to create my blog, TheRealMomKit.com and become a mom empowerment coach & joy strategist. 

I help real moms solve real problems and find joy and balance when motherhood becomes a struggle. Currently, I share my experience by consulting (parent training & life coaching for moms), creating online courses, and blogging.